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Welcome to the Blackboard e-Education platform—designed to enable educational innovations everywhere by connecting people and technology.

System Announcements

  • PLEASE VERIFY AND UPDATE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in Blackboard (Thursday, September 27, 2012)
    To ensure efficient communication inside Blackboard, you'll need to verify and update your email address. New students will most likely see their BannerID in their email address, such as, which is invalid. Please use your account or your personal email address if you do not have a account.

    Upon logging in, click on "Personal Information" on the left of the screen. Then click the first link, titled, "Edit Personal Information." Locate "Email" and enter your valid email address.
  • LOGIN INFORMATION (Wednesday, August 22, 2012)
    Remember to use your COMPLETE BannerID as your username;  000012345
    Your password will be your birthdate in (m)mddyy format; Jan 1, 1990 = 10190 / Dec 1, 1995 = 120195
  • Introduction to Blackboard (Monday, August 20, 2012)
    Welcome to Fisk University!
    We hope you find Blackboard as a useful tool that many of your professors are using in their courses.
    It's not just about online classes, but rather about using a variety of learning tools in order to best meet the needs of all students.

    If you need any help with navigating around in Blackboard, click this link;

    If you are having difficulty accessing content inside of Blackboard, feel free to drop by the Office of Distance Learning located on the Lower Level of the Library, behind the Computer Lab.

    my email address is
    my phone number is 615.329.8645

    Let your professors know that you would benefit from having their course content available to you on Blackboard!

    Larry Turner
    Fisk University
    Director of Distance Learning Technologies